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An overall guide

Why Treat Your Carpets & Upholsteries?

  • We believe that the cleaning of your carpets and soft furnishings not only prolongs their life, but makes you feel better too

  • Removal of soiling helps remove harmful dust mites and allergens that are detrimental to your health

What do we provide?

  • We carry out a full survey and point you in the honest direction, as to how your investment can be enhanced, with minimal fuss

  • Various cleaning methods are used, dependent upon fibre content and construction (methods seen below)

  • Full guarantee and insurance against treatment risk

Warm Water Extraction

  • Carpets & upholstery

  • All levels of soiling (highly effective on heavy soiling)

  • Utilises an Alkaline cleaning solution, later extracted with an acid rinse (to neutralize pH levels)

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Dry Cleaning

  • Carpets only

  • Effective where a carpet possessing a woven back demands extreme caution

  • Employs Scotchcare formulated dry cleaning compound in conjunction with contra-rotating brush action to reach all affected areas

  • Leaves the carpet dry,to avoid possible shrinkage & more

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Dry Foam Rotary (Crystallising) Shampoo

  • Carpets only

  • Excellent for heavily used areas (shops & offices)

  • Makes use of our Cimex rotary machine to shampoo the area, with a contra rotating, triple brush action to scrub the area in an efficient manner

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Leather Cleaning & Reconditioning

  • Leather upholstery only

  • Perfect for sofas with a sealed leather finish

  • Promotes our Scotchcare formulated leather cleaner and conditioner

  • Used after a neutral pH clean to remove ingrained oil and reduce risk of cracking

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