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Unsurpassed in fabric protection

Whether you're buying a sofa for the living room, or simply a tablecloth for the kitchen, you want to relax in the knowledge that your investment can be protected against everyday spills and dirt. Scotchgard Protector, the world leader in fabric protection, allows you to sit back and enjoy your home furnishings to the full.

What Is It?

  • Scotchgard Protector is a highly advanced formula which can either be applied to fabric during manufacturing or directly to the finished upholstery

  • Can be used to protect all of your home furnishings, plus more, such as clothing, shoes and carpets

  • After drying, has little to no odour

  • indistinguishable from an untreated sample... until it matters of course!

How does it work?

  • Locks on to each fibre of the fabric to create an invisible, hard-wearing shield, which does not affect the look, smell or feel of your home furnishings

  • Offers protection against dust, dirt and even tough greasy stans caused by substances like butter and salad dressing

  • Causes most liquids, including oil, to simply "bead up" on the surface of the fabric, where it can then be blotted away

  • If the spill does soak in, Scotchgard allows them to be removed more easily