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Warm water extraction


  • Dry vacuum the area using a twin motor upright SEBO

  • Spot clean any marks or spills

  • Pre-spray the area with a mildly alkaline based cleaning solution

  • Agitate the soiled area with a pile brush / Cimex machine (assisitng in the breakdown of the soiling significantly)

  • Extract the total area with the carpet wand, flushing out the soil with a mildly acidic rinse

  • Dress the pile if required


  • This method is very effective on heavily soiled areas, where a restoration clean is required

  • The agitation of cleaning solutions enables them to be significantly more effective

  • We use no cleaning solutions in our extraction equipment. However, we use an acidic rinse which neutralises the pH levels, preventing cellulosic browning and dye bleed

  • The acid rinse not only flushes out the soiling, but just as importantly, it removes the cleaning solutions used by not only our specialist, but any chemicals previously used by the client. This prevents rapid re-soiling