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Dry cleaning of carpets


  • Dry vacuum the area using a twin motor upright SEBO

  • Spot clean any marks or spills

  • Lightly pre-spray the area with a mildly alkaline based cleaning solution

  • Agitate the soiled area with a contra-rotator(assisting in the breakdown of the soiling significantly)

  • Sprinkle Scotchcare formulated dry cleaning compound to all areas that are affected by possible shrinkage

  • Agitate fully into the carpet pile

  • Allow to dry (Approximately 20-30 minutes)

  • Dry extraction with twin motor Sebo vacuum


  • This method is very effective where a woven backing on a carpet dictates extreme caution

  • Dry cleaning will not cause shrinkage

  • Carpets can be walked on immediately, following the dry cleaning

  • Possible colour loss is avoided

  • Dry cleaning conditions the carpet surface, leaving a soft texture, where possible

  • Dry cleaned carpets can be treated with Scotchgard protector immediately, drastically reducing drying times