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So, Who Are We?


  • Founded in and around Bristol, Bath and Somerset, around 25 years ago

  • Since then, we have been recognised leaders in carpet and fabric protection, for the retailer and the domestic customer

  • This has led to approval by numerous retailers in the South West, including Wesley Barrell, Challicoms of Clevedon, Lounge & Lounge and Sofacraft

Our Promise

  • Scotchcare Services is the premier cleaning company in the South West region

  • Our years of experience in renovating and protecting all types of carpets and soft furnishings will prove invaluable

  • We will always ensure that you are in safe hands

Excellent Track Record

  • Over the past 25 years, we cleaned and treated 1000's of suites for big names, such as Courts, Half Price Suites and Kingsbury's (Not to mention numerous independents)

  • Additionally, we have been the sole protector of thousands of square yards of carpet for the likes of Carpet Right, Allied Carpets and Backwell Carpets

  • Chances are, if you have a Scotchgarded carpet or suite in our area... we treated it!