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Dry foam rotary (crystallising) shampoo


  • Dry vacuum the area using a twin motor upright SEBO

  • Spot clean any marks or spills

  • Shampoo the area using a Cimex rotary machine (contra rotator)

  • Allow sufficient drying time (dependent upon soil/fibre)

  • Vacuum to remove the crystals containing the soiling


  • As crystallising shampoo is used, a residue build up is prevented. If allowed, this would lead to rapid re-soiling

  • The shampoo is mildly acidic to prevent cellulosic browning or dye bleed

  • A contra rotating triple brushing action improves efficiency, whilst using less torque via the auto reverse plate. This is in comparison to a conventional single brush machine

  • Provides excellent results on needle punch, low-profile, bitumen backed or heavily used carpet areas. Examples include offices, shops or pubs

  • Is a quick, quiet and cost effective method that provides instant result